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🕸 Smart Start Week 9

What a full, fun, exciting week we've had! Our students have been anxiously awaiting Halloween Week. We've talked about costumes and candy and Trick-or-Treating since the beginning of September! To kick off the week, we started with a spooky spider theme.

Monday's Question of the Day was, "Have you ever walked through a spider web?" We loved hearing their spider stories and we applauded their use of fantastic adjectives to describe how the spider web felt.

During Circle Time, we reviewed days of the week, months, counted and introduced the letter of the week, Ss, with Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider. We continued the concept of pattern with some sparkly, spider stickers!

In Movement, we talked about the concept of pathways. The aim of this creative movement exercise was to encourage our students to explore the use and control of large muscles and spatial awareness while moving creatively through the space. We explored how we could move through the studio using a curvy pathway like the letter Ss. These fun and exciting dances and games have our students moving and thinking creatively!

In Atelier, we painted beautiful spider webs, played with squishy spaghetti webs and wove our own soft and safe webs. We could see so much growth in our students' coordination and fine motor skills this week! From weaving to sculpting, they are getting stronger and more precise in their movement. They are also growing in their artistic ability. It is such a joy to see their growth as artists. They are making thoughtful choices in their painting and it shows in their work!

We ended the day with spider songs in our "Spider Theater". The children loved seeing their hand print spiders in the sparkly, light-up web. (Thanks for the web, Mrs. Cheryl!)


We knew Halloween would be a big day for our Smart Starters and it was! Our Question of the Day was, "What is your favorite type of candy?" We got lots of excited answers from children who were definitely ready to embark on a candy hunt!

We explained to our students that we were going on an adventure around town. We told them how we would see lots of new places and faces and that we were going to get a chance to use our manners and be kind. With great excitement we grabbed hands with our buddies and headed out for an adventure around Jamestown!

We are incredibly blessed with a generous and vibrant downtown community. Everywhere we went, we were met with hospitality and kindness. Thank you, Monument Square Merchants! You were amazing!

A very special thank you to the Russell County Public Library. Mrs. Lindsey Westerfield took our group on an impromptu tour of the library. Our students were so excited to find books, computers, Legos, blocks and so much more!

Our last stop on our downtown adventure was the playground at Jamestown First Baptist Church. After an hour of walking in a safe, straight line holding a hand, we knew it was time to run, climb and play!

We wrapped up the day back at ArtWorks with sweet treats and snacks. We were one hot, tired, but happy bunch! Thank you, parents, for sending treat bags and other goodies. They made the day extra special. Thank you to Lori & Sarah Stephens for joining us today so we had plenty of hands to hold!


Continuing our letter Ss theme, Friday was all about Superheroes!

Children LOVE superheroes. They are full of wonder and imagination and have no problem imagining that they can leap tall buildings or outrun a train. They were more than ready to tell us about their superpowers!

Before we got into our superhero activities, we had to step outside and see one of nature's superheroes. Monday was about spiders and we were thrilled to find a real spider web beautifully strung in our flowerbed! We talked about how webs are super strong and how spiders are an important part of our ecosystem. We looked for "Mr. Skinnylegs", but he must have been napping. These are the moments we live for! Those times when our plans overlap with our real world and learning takes on new and dynamic life!

Movement class was all about strength, stretch, and super movement through the space! We worked our muscles and then took our pathway exploration to super heights! We leapt! We soared! We flipped and kicked! We definitely have some superheroes in the making!

In Atelier, we created Superhero Shields! Using sparkly stars, sticky glue, and a soft letter S, we made shields to help us protect the neighborhood! Did we mention the stickers glow in the dark? That was a super spectacular surprise!

More Friday fun...

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