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❄️ Smart Start Week 19

It's hard to believe that January 2019 has already come and gone! This week, as we waved goodbye to January, we experienced extremely cold temperatures and saw some more snow and ice. So, we kept our snowy theme going in our explorations this week since snow seems to be on everyone's mind!

We started Journal Time on Monday by creating a cover for our January Journals (that's what you took home on Friday). We hope you enjoyed flipping through your child's journal pages. Each page represents something special that your child chose to share with our class. We love beginning our day by giving everyone a chance to share something special with the group!

During Circle Time, we talked a lot about the winter weather we were expecting. We charted the weather, sang the days of the week, and counted through the month of January. Layla was a terrific Circle Time Leader!

Our book for Monday was Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. We listened along and laughed at all the funny things our snowmen do at night.

We have all been a little disappointed that we haven't seen very much snowfall this winter. We thought we would remedy that by creating a snowstorm of our very own during Creative Movement. We used balloons to fill the air with snow. If we can't catch snowflakes outside, then we will play with them inside!

Check out some of our indoor, snowy fun here!

Our featured centers this week were the Snowman-Making Center, Snowflake Chandelier, and the Snow Bins.

The bitter cold kept us all home on Wednesday. Friday, we were back and ready to welcome a brand new month! Instead of creating a journal page, on Friday we jumped right into the book for the day. Our story was The Mitten by Jan Brett.

We spent Friday morning listening to the story, acting out the story, and cutting out characters from the story. See some of our Friday morning fun here.

In Creative Movement, we explored moving like our characters from the story The Mitten. We moved like moles, rabbits, owls, hedgehogs, foxes, bears, badgers, and mice! After some fantastic acting, we got our snowy balloons out to create another indoor snow storm. We challenged ourselves to keep all the snow up in the air using things other than our hands. Each week as we dance, move, and play our students are becoming more coordinated, purposeful, and confident in their movements!

More Friday Smart Start fun!

We cannot wait to see our sweet students next week! Love will be in the air in our classroom as we look forward to Valentine's Day. Have a great weekend and we will see you soon!

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