• Marisa Ramsey

❄️ Smart Start Week 17

Last week, we continued our exploration of snow and ice. We started the week by finishing up a collaborative art project that we've been working on for several days.

Journal Time was full of snowy fun. We drew snowflakes and the places we imagine them falling. It is such a delight to listen to each student share their Journal Time stories. They think so creatively and their stories are always about the people and places they love the most.

Last week's book was Snow by Uri Shulevitz. This book was a perfect fit since the weather reports of late always seemed to say, "no snow". (At least until this weekend. 😉) Each week, we read our book several times and ask lots of questions. Each time we read, we are nurturing reading retention and comprehension. It is amazing how far all the students have come in just a few short months. They are growing into super readers!