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🎃 Smart Start Week 8

Pumpkin Week!

On Monday, we began our pumpkin investigation. After reading our story for the day, The Mystery Vine, we talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin and observed a variety of vines and fruits that grow on vines.

We incorporated our pumpkin theme into Creative Movement with songs and rhymes, dance and stretches.

In Atelier, we painted pumpkins, created Jack-o-Lanterns and cut curly pumpkin vines. The pumpkin vines provide a great opportunity for strengthening little fingers and honing cutting skills.

Practicing the letter Pp!

More Monday fun...


On Wednesday, we asked the students to make pumpkin predictions. We guessed how many lines were on the outside and how many seeds were on the inside.

During Circle Time, we talked about our predictions.

Our story was The Greatest Pumpkin Surprise Ever! We counted pumpkins and counted the days in October. Our students' counting skills have come a long way in a few short weeks!

Atelier was a gooey, squishy adventure! We took the top off of our pumpkin and investigate what was inside. Everyone was very brave and was willing to reach in and grab a handful seeds and mush!

Learning about pumpkin parts!

More Wednesday fun...


On Friday, we began the day by asking our students to describe the inside of the pumpkin. We loved their wonderfully descriptive words! Squishy! Gooey! Cold! Wet!

During Circle Time, we read Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin and counted the pumpkin seeds that we scooped out of our pumpkin on Wednesday. We found over 200 seeds inside! What a pumpkin patch we could grow if we planted all those seeds!

We also talked about how we should carve our Jack-O-Lantern. We decided to use shapes for his face. What a fun way to do a shape review!

More Friday Fun...

A little more...

What a terrific week with our little pumpkins!

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