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Smart Start Week 6

Can you believe we are in week 6 of our Smart Start adventure? Time flies!

This week was all about the letter O! We had fun with scarecrows and owls as we explored O's sound and shape and talked about fun, fall things!

Preschool is a time to explore language and writing! From our "Question of the Day" to "signing autographs", our little learners are constantly encouraged to express themselves with their voices and hands!

On Monday, we read The Scarecrow's Hat and then we made a scarecrow of our own!

In Atelier, we mixed red and yellow to make Orange and we turned our O's into art!

OOBLECK! No, that is not a made up word. Oobleck is a substance made from corn starch and water that feels and behaves somewhat like quicksand! Not really solid and not quite liquid, making oobleck was a great way to introduce our students to the concept of states of matter. Students worked to pop the oobleck, which feels solid, out of the pan only to have it melt into a liquid between their fingers! We had so much fun!

More Monday fun...

Mrs. Marisa was in San Diego on Wednesday and Friday for the National Dance Educators Conference (she will be back after Fall Break with lots of fun new activities for our students!) We were so happy to have Mrs. Lori Stephens filling in!

Lori specializes in Early Childhood Education and has been an educator for over 20 years. Thank you Mrs. Lori for filling in!

Mrs. Marisa takes notes and chronicles our Smart Start days. Since she was out the second half of the week, so we are short on stories, BUT we do have photos! Here are some shots of our Wednesday and Friday fun!

More Smart Start fun...

We wish everyone a fun and restful Fall Break! See you Monday!

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