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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 5

Trucks, trains, towers, and tea parties!

Weeks five and six at Smart Start are all about the letter t and reinforcing the concepts we've been learning during the first quarter.

Week Five

October 12-14

Letter of the Week: T

Books: Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

My Letter T Book by Jane Belk

Tea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman

Numbers: Counting 1-10 and counting down from 5

Learning Centers & Play Invitations:

  • trains & trucks (fine motor, reinforce the letter t)

  • light table towers (fine motor, explorations of transparent/translucent)

  • hair salon (fine motor, scissor skills, trimming)

  • dentist office (teeth, tweezers, fine motor)

  • tea party (table manners)

  • tracing (letter and number formation)

  • Play-doh (fine motor, sculpting, letter and number formation)

Fine Arts Invitations:

  • Brain Dance (breath, tactile, cord-distal movement)

  • toe dance

  • Van Gogh tree painting

  • Q-tip painting

  • Mixed media tacos

  • Step Inside the Television (improvisation, acting)

Miss Leah and Miss Jess and the Circle Time Show!

Circle Time, Stories, and Journals

  • Draw and describe your favorite party

Science & Sensory Invitations

  • bean bin letter find & sort

  • Tea Party Science (observation, predictions, compare and contrast, taste, smell, feel)

What a TREMENDOUS week! We love immersive learning. It was such fun to dress up and be just a little bit fancy this week. From tea and table manners to tacos that make dragons breathe fire, this week was


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