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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 3

Farewell, Summer! Hello, Fall!

September 20-23

Letter of the Week: F

Books: Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf

10 Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss

Johnny Appleseed by Jodie Shepherd

My Letter F Book by Jane Belk

Fly Guy vs the Flyswatter by Tedd Arnold

Numbers: Counting 1-10 and counting down from 5

Inspiration Artist: Frida Kahlo

Learning Centers & Play Invitations:

  • Flower Shop (colors, numbers, money, caring for others, floral design, etc.)

  • Cinnamon Oats Sensory (fine motor skills, imaginative play, measuring)

  • Floor Puzzles (critical-thinking, problem-solving, fine motor skills)

  • Baking Fudge Brownies (baking, counting, measuring, fine motor skills, etc.)

  • Feathers on the light table (imaginative play, exploration)

  • Apple Cinnamon Playdough (fine motor skills, imaginative play)

  • Farm animals (sorting, classifying)

  • Friendship Bracelets (beading, fine motor skills, color recognition, counting, patterning, etc.

We fill our day and our classroom with immersive learning experiences that are fun and engaging and create countless opportunities for discovery. Each invitation allows us to engage with students in counting, letter recognition, patterning, science concepts, emotional/social concepts, etc. in ways that are natural and appropriate for their age and development. This makes learning dynamic and exciting!

Our budding photographers and videographers wanted to experiment with our light table, feathers, and slow-motion video! We talked about light, motion, and gravity. We also did some problem-solving while working to get the timing just right. Photographers and subjects had to work cooperatively and listen to each other. There were lots of creative ideas and it took patience and kindness to work together and take turns with the camera. This was a really fun spontaneous exploration!

Fine Arts Invitations

  • Frida Kahlo inspired self-portraits

  • Apple printing

  • Free paint

  • Flower sketching

  • Fingerprint daisies

  • Five Finger Tracing with a Friend

  • The Brain Dance (choreography based on infant/child brain development)

  • Night at the Museum (theatre game practicing freezes)

In all of our artistic pursuits, our core value is the importance of the process rather than the product. We aren't looking for perfect outcomes, performances, or pieces of art. We are spending time engaging in the process. It's in the process that we find self-expression, exploration, discovery, and joy!


  • Draw a picture of your family

  • Apple prints

Circle Time & Stories

  • Letter L & E Review

  • Intro to letter F

  • Calendar & Weather

  • Song: Do You Know My Friend's Name? (name recognition)

  • Sharing our favorite summer memories

  • Sharing about our families

Apple Science

  • What does a scientist do?

  • Questions scientists ask.

  • Making predictions

  • Taste test and charting results

What a fantastic week! Friends, family, flowers, fudge brownies, farm animals, and the first day of fall! What's not to love!

A special shout-out and thank you to Huck's Aunt Amy for the carnations and cards for our Flower Shop!

What a cool connection for this week! Someone in Huck's Family who owns and operates a REAL Fresh Flower Shop.

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