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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 23


Our Dr. Seuss adventure continues! We started the week with some Thing 1, Thing 2 painting!

During Journal Time we practiced our cutting skills and read Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You. Books full of funny sounds are simply the BEST! In Creative Movement we played what has become a Smart Start favorite: Red Fish, Red Fish, BLUE FISH!

Centers were so colorful this week! Spring is coming and we cannot wait. As we wait for the earth to come alive with color, we're filling the art studio with sunny, rainbow-colored masterpieces!


On Wednesday morning we finished up our Thing 1, Thing 2 paintings. How cute are these!

We swapped out Journal Time for a Building Challenge. We asked the students to choose a center, build a home for the Wockets, and then tell us a story about what they built. Their imagination and creativity is endless and amazing!

Story time, Snack, and Centers:


Friday we read The Foot Book and the whole day was everything FEET! We started the day with a measuring activity. In true Seussical style, we used something wacky to measure...cheese puffs! After tracing each child's foot, we gave them cheese puffs and asked them to see how many puffs it would take to cover their foot. Some have feet that are 15 cheese puffs full and others 27!

For Creative Movement we gave our feet a boost and tried walking on bucket stilts! This footy fun was a great balance challenge. Everyone made several trips across the mat on our little stilts...with a little help from Mrs. Deb and Mrs. Marisa. :)


We can't wait for tomorrow! This week will will jump into Green Eggs and Ham!


There is no school in Russell County this Friday, March 15th. Smart Start will meet on Monday and Wednesday.

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