• Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 15

This week got cut a little short, but we still managed to get back in the groove after Christmas Break, review, and explore something new.


January 4th & 5th

Letter of the Week: D. Review L, E, F, T, H, I, P, U, O, G, C, J, S

Books: If I Had a Dinosaur, Giraffe's Can't Dance

Numbers: Counting 1-30 and number recognition

Learning Centers & Play Invitations

  • Donut Shop

  • Dinosaur Bone Discovery Bin

  • Dino puzzle

  • Alphabet puzzle

  • Name writing

  • Dolls

Fine Arts Invitations

  • Learning about styles of dance

  • Ballet and hip-hop exploration

  • Design a drum

  • Mona Lisa collaborative coloring

  • Tracing Dino Skeletons

  • Drawing Dinosaurs using shapes

Science Invitations

  • Volcano Science

  • Light & Shadow Exploration

  • How do tornados form?

Circle Time, Stories, and Journals

  • Finish the thought: "If I had a dinosaur, I would..."

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