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🦃 Smart Start Week 11

Week 11 was all things turkeys and Thanksgiving!

On Monday, we talked about how settlers crossed the ocean in search of a new home in a new land. We cut out our own pilgrims and gave them some familiar faces. While we cut and glued, we talked about how the pilgrims were helped by Native Americans who taught them about things to grow and animals to hunt. We asked, "Would you like to eat turkey, deer or rabbit?" They voted for pizza!

We practiced counting with the rhyme "5 Fat Turkeys"...

we spent lots of time reading...

and we practiced writing our names!

On Wednesday, we noticed that our pumpkin friend Zigzag was looking a little...different. We started the day with some exploration. We noticed that Zigzag had gotten wrinkly, crinkly and squishy. We also observed some spots that were new colors and something fuzzy inside! We talked about how plants decompose and asked the students where they thought we should put Zigzag. They agreed that he should go to the woods so he can decompose and feed other plants and animals. We love these moments!

During Circle Time, we learned about turkeys and their fascinating faces! We learned some new words like wattle, snood and caruncle!

We like to talk about what grows when. During Snack Time, Mrs. Debbie told us about pomegranates! Pomegranates only ripen in warmer climates. They are in season starting in October and are usually available fresh through December. We cut it open and everyone was amazed by the color and little "jelly beans" inside.

In Atelier, we started on a turkey mosaic, worked with beads and baked lots of yummy Thanksgiving treats at the play dough station.

More Wednesday fun...

As students arrived on Friday, we finished up our turkey mosaics with hand print turkeys. There were lots of giggles because having your hand painted tickles!

We also visited Mrs. Debbie's glasses shop, experimented with balance and played hopscotch!

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving week without making some turkeys! We could not be happier with the improvement in our students' scissor skills! We asked them to make small cuts to create feathers. They excelled that this very precise movement!

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we want you to know that we are tremendously thankful for our Smart Start students and families! We hope your holiday is filled with family, friends, food and loads of love!

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