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As many of our current Smart Start students prepare to move to kindergarten next year, we are offering an extended day experience. This extended-day option will benefit you and your child in a few ways:


  • Your child will get to experience a longer school day in a familiar setting and with familiar teachers and friends. 
  • You will get some insight into how a longer school day will impact your child’s mood, energy, etc.
  • Students will get extra, individualized practice in reading, numeracy, and writing. 
  • We will talk about the upcoming adventure so students feel mentally and emotionally prepared and excited to start something new. 
  • Students will get extra fine arts instruction in our studio spaces so they can try out our “big kid classes” before the fall. We hope to see several of our Smart Start graduates in our Fall 2024 Visual Art, Aerial Silk, and Dance classes!


  • Dates: Monday-Wednesday April 29-May 1 and May 6-8
  • Cost: $75
  • Who: All current Smart Start students who will be going to Kindergarten in August 2024

Smart Start Extended Day: Kindergarten Preview

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