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August 13-14

Dance Elevated: Aerial & Dance Day Camp

Grades 6-12


ArtWorks on the Square

Early Bird Registration: $50

After May 1st: $60


This camp is for students who are headed into 1st-5th Grades and will feature aerial arts and dance. Aerialists are dancers, they just dance...elevated! The dance segment of this camp is geared toward developing strength and flexibility and the understanding and execution of basic dance technique terminology. Students who partner dance study with their aerial study have been shown to have better body awareness (where their body is in space and what it’s doing), have better muscular control, demonstrate consistently better lines, and have lower rates of injury thanks to better body alignment. Aerialist who study dance tend to have a greater range of motion in joints and muscles. We will learn dance technique and vocabulary on the floor and then elevate it as we learn and practice fundamental aerial skills. Dance Elevated will have campers dancing on air!

Dance Elevated: 6th-12th Grade

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