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This summer we are offering an incredible opportunity for our students to train with professional aerialist Hannah Risner. Hannah has been performing professionally in the air since 2012. She has multiple solo & duo acts and performs for several venues in NYC. Film credits include The Greatest Showman.


This workshop will allow our aerial students to train with Hannah, learn important training tools and techniques, and be inspired by Hannah's experience as a professional artist. The workshop will last 2 hours. Be sure to bring your water bottle and eat before you arrive so you will have stamina for this lengthened training session. Wear full-length leggings and a shirt that can be tucked in or that is fitted and will not ride up. Hair up and off of the face. 


Space is limited to 14 aerialists per session to allow for plenty of one-on-one training with Hannah. 

Teen & Adult Aerial Workshop: Sunday 4-6pm

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