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June 24th -26th

Culinary Arts Camp

Grades 4-12


ArtWorks at the Creek

Early Bird Registration: $120

After May 1st: $135


At Culinary Arts Camp, campers will learn how to prepare main dishes, sides, and desserts. Utilizing the full kitchen in each of our cabins, campers will be divided into groups. On each day of camp, they will visit a different cabin. (Main Dish Cabin, Sides Cabin, Appetizer/Dessert Cabin) In the morning, campers will work together with our staff to prepare their portion of the day's meal. At noon, campers will meet together to share the meal they've created! After enjoying lunch together, they will head back in to learn about cleanup, food storage, and more. Campers will learn a lot and will enjoy connecting with each other as they prepare meals and eat together each day. 

Culinary Arts Camp

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