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Welcome to Smart Start 2021-2022

Happy September and welcome to a brand new year of exploration and discovery!

This week, we were thrilled to kick off another year of learning in our Smart Start classrooms and studio. We are already off and running into this academic year and we could not be happier with this beautiful bunch of learners. Presenting the Smart Start Class of 2022!

If your family is new to Smart Start, we want to welcome you to our online space. Each week, we will post photos, videos, and stories from our classroom. This page will give you an opportunity to see what we're learning and how we're learning. We pack a lot into our time together and it would be a real challenge for your little learner to articulate all the things we get into. This blog will be your window into our classroom. We hope that it gives you insight into our practice and environment and that it also provides inspiration and ideas to keep the learning going at home!


September 7-9

Letter of the Week: L

Books: Don't Touch This Book by Bill Cotter

My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook

My L Book by Jane Belk

Numbers: Counting 1-10

As students arrived on the first day, they created covers for their art journals. We use our journals each day as a way to connect our own thoughts and experiences to the day's exploration.

Our mornings begin with play invitations. Our play spaces are set up for free exploration and imaginative play. This gives everyone a chance to settle in and ignite creativity.

Up next is Circle Time. Gathering for our morning meeting anchors our day. We welcome one another, fill in our calendar, discuss the weather, introduce and review key concepts, and more! This time is always engaging, fun, and sets the tone for the rest of our day.

Welcome to the Wiggle Room! This is where we dance, exercise, play games, and make music. This week we danced to Jim Gill's List of Dances and played some games with our new friends.

After a restroom break and snack, we are ready for Center Time. During Center Time, students move from center to center engaging with a variety of learning invitations. This week's invitations included:

  • Leaf Prints

  • Leaf Bugs

  • Lemon Science

  • Tracing Lines

  • Legos

  • Light Table

  • Leaf and Flower Sketching

We hold space every day for following curiosity and wonder. Often, these little moments are the ones that touch us most deeply and lead to the most incredible discoveries. Some of our wonder moments this week were:

  • listening to our neighborhood (we turned what we heard into a poem)

  • finding a furry friend (who, it turns out, will become a Banded Tussock Moth)

  • tasting licorice and Lemonheads during snack time (making predictions)

  • seeing how many steps a slinky will take (spontaneous science lesson about gravity)

We couldn't have asked for a better first week of school. Each student brings something unique and beautiful to our classroom and it's going to be such a joy to get to know them better each day. Students, high-fives and hugs all around! We are off to a Smart Start!

When I Stop to Listen

by: The Smart Start Poets

I hear a bird.


Just listen.

I hear the wind.

I hear the Spirit.

I hear the birds, too.

The birds.

I can hear the cars.

The cars and trucks.

I hear a dog barking.

Listen close.

The bugs.

I hear the jungle.

I hear birds.

Soft sounds.

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