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Smart Start Week 4: Let's Bake!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

We love immersive learning experiences! This week, we turned the Home Center into a bakery and it was most certainly a hit. This week we learned about the letter "C" while baking cupcakes and decorating cookies.

There are so many things to love about that video! We spend A LOT of time listening during our times of play. When we actively listen, we are always blessed by the stories the children tell. They are endlessly creative. This week we heard exclamations like, "Hey! I have an idea!" (Layla) and "Hey, Mrs. Deb, I was thinking. Do you have anything we could use to...." (Jase). When children are telling stories, getting bright ideas, or solving problems, we take time to lean into that. When they are speaking, creating, and solving, and we affirm that with our listening, their confidence soars and discovery and learning come naturally.

In keeping with the "C" theme, our students learned a choreographed movement story called "Two Little Cats". Movement stories combine stretching and exercise with memory and story-telling.

Singing the days of the week during Calendar with Clay as the Leader of the Day.

Talking about seasons and the weather.

Eager listeners gathered around the Story Stump.

Both of our books this week featured cats. So, after the Story Stump, Mrs. Deb taught our young artists how to create their own crazy cat using oil pastels and watercolors. Following directions to create these pieces is a really grown-up thing! We were so proud of their patience and thoughtfulness. These crazy cats represent some really great listening.

Our Discovery Center theme this week was "Adopt A Tree". Both of our groups went on a little excursion outside and we adopted two trees outside our building. Meet Darcy the Dogwood and Mable the Maple!

We spent some time investigating each tree, sketched, and did some bark rubbings. We talked about the roots, branches, and leaves and how it's important to care for our neighborhood trees. We are going to watch these two and see how they change over the next few weeks.

Our students revisited last week's ideas about texture with a small cedar tree in our classroom. The felt the prickly branches and rough bark. They noticed that it smelled CHRISTMAS! :) Students also learned how cedar is strong and is used to make shingles for houses. Each student painted some cedar shingles that will soon adorn the roof of our play house!

We couldn't spend a week talking about and pretending to bake with actually baking something yummy! We wrapped up the week and celebrated the beginning of Fall Break by baking cupcakes. It was a sweet way to wrap up our first segment of this school year.

More Week Four fun...


We wish all our families a terrific week of rest and relaxation. See you soon!

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