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Smart Start Week 3: For the Birds

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

This week was our theme and focus was the letter b and birds. The natural world is a beautiful invitation to explore and discover. Each week we seek to ground our learning experiences in the breathtaking reality of our vast and wonderful world.

For letter b week, we explored birds and their endless variations, sounds, colors, and textures. We learned about their nests and how they care for their young. Our artists painted birds and created nests.

We talked specifically about texture this week. Using various items found in nature, along with Mrs. Debbie's feather collection, our students experienced and experimented with a variety of textures.

We spent extra time in the Discovery Center this week checking out bark and bugs! We also played with the light table and some other brain-builders.

Fall is our favorite! To celebrate, we used these giant leaves from Mrs. Jessalyn's yard to create gorgeous leaf prints.

Our Loose Parts Center is an ever-changing spot in our classroom that features natural objects for play and creativity. Most weeks, we give the students a challenge to create something using the loose parts. This center encourages children to see, experiment, and play with the things they find in the world around them. (Think about the time you spent making mudpies as a child.) There is so much to be discovered and so much fun to be had with natural "toys".

Speaking of fun, our days are infused with lots of it! Whether it's spontaneous dance parties or popping and painting with bubble wrap, we invite and cultivate joy in the classroom. They don't realize it, but so much is happening in these moments. Dance parties are helping friends connect. Popping bubble wrap is strengthening fingers for writing later. Creating art in unexpected ways, by unconventional means is fostering innovation.

This week was fun. We asked more of the students this week by adding more directed learning and by encouraging them to linger in centers long enough to push past the initial fun and move into exploration and then settle into creating. It was brilliant! Each student is unique and wonderful in their own distinct ways. We are loving getting to know them better and look forward to this new week! See you Monday!

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