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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Weeks 24 & 25

Monday, March 11th: Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham

-Egg carton painting

-Question of the Day: What two foods do you love together?

-Watching Green Eggs and Ham

-Egg carton building

Wednesday, March 13th: Fox in Socks

-Reading Fox in Socks

-Tongue Twisters

-Creative Movement: Twisty shapes

-Marble Run: Twisty towers

Monday, March 18th: Rainbow Week!

-Building and decorating a leprechaun house

-Rainbow beans

-Creative Movement: Rainbow stretching and balloon bouncing!

-Painting the town rainbow colors!

Wednesday, March 20th

-Pipe cleaner rainbows

-Rainbow photo shoot

-Measuring, scooping, and stirring to make silly putty!

Friday, March 22nd

-Rainbow Necklaces (lacing Fruit Loops)

-Illustrating Roy G. Biv

-Story: Noah's Ark

-Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

_Rainbow Shaving Cream Painting

Smart Start Videos for March 11-23

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