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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Weeks 20 & 21

Week 20

Theme: How Our Garden Grows

Letter of the Week: Z

Books: Bumble Bees by Fran Howard, The Beautiful Butterfly Book by Sue Ustead, Going to the Zoo by Tom Paxton, and Bees by Deborah Hodge

Play Invitations: Bumble, Bumble, Bee game, sidewalk chalk, bubbles

Creative Movement & Music: Alphabet Movers, The Butterfly Dance, Dancing with the Rain

Visual Art: Butterfly cutting, handprint butterfly

Discovery Center: Life cycle of a Butterfly, pollination experiment, how bees make honey video

Week 21

Theme: Courageous & Kind

Letters of the Week: Full Alphabet Review

Books: Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud and Brave as Can Be by Jo Witek

Play Invitations: Superheroes, Kindness Bucket Ball Toss game, musical instruments, animal charades

Creative Movement & Music: Alphabet Movers, Brain Dance

Visual Art: Picasso Flowers painting, watercolor painting

Discovery Center: slime (states of matter review)

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