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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 9

O-O-Oh, what a week!

November 8-11

Letter of the Week: O. Short sound, long sound, and special sounds. We are beginning to blend sounds together and read one vowel words!

Books: My Letter O Book by Jane Belk

If I Had an Octopus by Gabby Dawnay

Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor

Numbers: Counting 1-30 and counting down from 5

Learning Centers & Play Invitations

  • Optometrist Office. Each week our Imaginative Play Center transforms into a new immersive experience. Play is a child's work so each week we offer a new way to play that will offer our students a wide array of experiences.

  • Observation Station. After our orange and owl pellet experiments/experiences, the tools and materials move to our Science Center for further observation and discovery. This gives the students a chance to come back to that experience and observe independently. This is an important step in becoming an active and engaged learner!

  • Over Under Weaving. Loom weaving takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and dexterity. We also used this learning invitation as a way to review patterning and to think about elements of design and planning before beginning a project.

  • Noodle Necklaces (fine motor development)

  • Ocean Animal Oats (a sensory experience)

  • Ocean Animal Floor puzzle (problem-solving and fine motor development)

  • Noodle Ball (Like hockey only with pool noodles and plastic balls)

Fine Arts Invitations

  • Octopus Paper Craft (paper fan folding, picking up sequins with tweezers for fine motor development)

  • Owl Painting. Students began by painting their trees using watercolors. Later in the day, we created footprint owls. This is where art meets sensory experience!

  • Brain Dance

Science Invitations

  • Orange: Sink or Float

  • Scientists Observe: Owl Pellet Exploration. We spent some time thinking about how we go about learning. We asked, "If you wanted to learn what owls eat, what would you do?" We got some great answers! They said things like:

  • "I would ask my teacher."

  • "I would use a camera."

  • "I would come to Smart Start."

  • "I would go outside and watch them."

  • "I would get those things to see in the dark."

We used tweezers to pull apart owl pellets and made some fantastic discoveries including a fully intact spine! This was a fun moment as we connected that discovery with our classroom skeleton, Mr. Bones. A big thank you to Mrs. Christy Martin of the Russell County UK Extension Office for providing the owl pellets for this week's science lesson.

Circle Time, Stories, and Journals

  • What would you do if you had an octopus?

  • Google Eyes Story Prompt

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