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Smart Start Week 7: Finger painting and Fun times!

Week 7 was full of funky letter F fun and lots of excitement as we celebrated Halloween with a week-long pumpkin palooza! We kicked off the week by decorating a couple of class pumpkins. Using an acrylic pour method, our gourds went from garden goodness to glossy gorgeous!

During Center Time, we reviewed A-E and began learning the shape and sound of the letter F. Our students are also learning to sign the alphabet. We counted, reviewed seasons and days of the week, and talked about how we are moving farther into fall and how the days are getting shorter and cooler. Our books this week were about F-F-Finding the perfect pumpkin or about a F-F-Frog who was searching for just the right Halloween costume. We also memorized the poem "Five Little Pumpkins". The students recited the poem with choreography and also turned it into a puppet show!

On Monday and Tuesday, art was very "hands-on". We couldn't have letter F week without finger-painting! Using red and yellow tempra paint, Mrs. Debbie taught our young artists about colors that mix to make other colors. We talked about how yellow and red are colors we see in the fall and how when we mix them we get another fall!

Finger-painting is an incredible sensory experience. The paint is cool and smooth. Students enjoy the feeling as much as the art they create. The thick layer of paint is a slate upon which we can write letters and numbers and review how to write names. The students use a variety of tools to create texture and experiment with design. It looks like mayhem, but along with all that fun, there are some really important connections and discoveries taking place. What better way to learn than while you're having a smashing good time!

More Monday/Tuesday fun...

These sweet children have been talking about Halloween for weeks. We arrived on Wednesday and Thursday full of anticipation and ready for some fun!

We started the day with some questions about our pumpkins. Our "Pumpkin Investigation" got our students thinking and hypothesizing about what was inside our pumpkin and how many lines there were on the outside. Students were asked to use their words and describe the pumpkin. We also asked them to pick a name for our gourd and to vote for round, square, or triangle eyes when carving it into a jack-o-lantern. Questions like these often elicit hilarious, insightful, or unexpected responses. They are always great springboards into conversation and expression.

Later in the day, we put our guesses to the test. We counted the lines and cut open the pumpkin to see what was inside. Would we find candy? Or was it a toy? One student boldly declared, "There's a McDonald's toy in there!" Only one way to find out! Let pop the top!

Everything is more fun in a costume. Circle Time was a hoot as we said our days of the week in the voices of our characters.

Costumes unlock all kinds of imaginative play. We had tea parties with princesses and broke out the superhero toys and cheered our heroes as they saved the city from danger. And, following Mrs. Debbie's lead, we acted out our fright as a spider crawled on our toes, our knees, our shoulder, our head, oh my!

We capped off each day with a Halloween party. We munched on popcorn and enjoyed a sweet snack or two while listening to the story of the only square pumpkin in the patch.

More Halloween fun...

What a Fantastic and Fun Week 7!

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