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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 6

Let's Go Camping!

As we move through the year, we will have weeks that are 100% review and reinforcement of concepts we are learning. This week, we chose a camping theme as a way to review and it was a wild adventure! It was such a thrill to see so much progress this week as we really took time to focus and practice.

October 18-21

Letter of the Week: REVIEW WEEK! L-E-F-H-T

Books: Pete the Cat Goes Camping by James Dean

Fred & Ted Go Camping by Peter Eastman

PJ Funnybunny Camps Out by Marilyn Sadler

Numbers: Counting 1-10 and counting down from 5

Learning Centers & Play Invitations:

  • Letter T Museum

  • Camp Site

  • Shoe-tie Station

  • Floor Puzzles

  • Sensory Bin Letter-Find

  • Alphabet Lapboards

  • Sugar Sprinkle Handwriting

  • Number Puzzle Challenge

Fine Arts Invitations

  • Skeleton Hands

  • Van Gogh Starry Night Collage

  • Van Gogh Starry Night Bead Mosaics

  • BrainDance: Breath, Tactile, Core-Distal, and Head Tail

  • Mr. Bones: Parts of the body that begin with L-E-F-H-T. Isolated movement & integrated movement

  • Poetry: "Sleeping Outdoors" by Marchette Chute

Circle Time, Stories, and Journals:

  • Camp Fire Circle Time

  • Journal: Who are you camping with and what will you take with you?

Science Invitations:

  • S'mores Science: Heat changes things

  • Observing and removing dying flowers: cold changes things

  • Collecting seeds

  • Planting Tulip Bulbs

  • Mr. Bones: Parts of the body that begin with L-E-F-H-T

High-fives all around for a week packed with learning, exploration, and FUN!

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