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Smart Start Week 5 - Wednesday

On Wednesday, our students could smell where we were headed as soon as they walked through the door! With the scent of freshly-popped popcorn in the air, we asked each student to describe popcorn. We got some great answers! We love hearing descriptors like "yummy" and "puffy". Each week, we watch vocabulary explode, just like popcorn!

Cami the Chameleon returned for Circle Time. She helped Chance, our Leader of the Day, with the weather and Calendar Time. We are learning the letter C which can be a little tricky with its two sounds. We used corn as a way to help our students understand that one letter can make two sounds. We passed around corn kernels and talked about how they are hard just like C has a hard sound. Then, we passed around popcorn. It's still corn, but it's soft just like C and its soft sound. We finished Circle Time with a song that had us sizzling, shaking, and popping like popcorn!

Movement was AMAZING this week. As much as the students loved Chameleon Hide and Seek on Monday, they were even more excited to play Parachute Popcorn on Wednesday. brought out a parachute that filled the studio. We place plastic balls in the middle that were our kernels. Then we made them pop! Of course, you can't bring out a parachute without making a bubble and then hopping inside. This was one of our best Movement days ever!

After all that popcorn popping, we were ready for a snack and a little time to rest. Mrs. Debbie brought something wacky and wild for Snack Time! We turned on the song "Popcorn" by Greg & Steve. It's a groovy song about how to make popcorn that had the kids dancing while Mrs. Debbie poured popcorn into the air popper. There were lots of squeals and giggles when we removed the lid and let the popcorn fly!

Sticking with the popcorn theme, Wednesday's art project had students adding "butter" to their bucket of popcorn. For fine motor, student filled bottles with hard corn kernels and soft popped popcorn. We talked about how the sound changed depending on what went into the bottle. Sensory bins were filled with corn meal and grits for scooping, measuring, pouring, and sifting.

Stringing cereal was VERY popular on Monday. We brought it back on Wednesday and used that station to remind students of C's soft sound. Cereal beings with a soft C!

We finished Wednesday with Story Time. We curled up on the couch and read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff.

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