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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 5 - Monday

Color! Color! Color!

Monday's Question of the Day was "If you could change color, what color would you be?" Morning exploration featured colorful Connectagons and plates full of colorful food!

This week was all about the letter Cc; the sound we hear at the beginning of the word "color". On Monday, we went back to last week's impromptu exploration involving chameleons and how their varied colors would make a chameleon the perfect mascot for ArtWorks. During Circle Time, we introduced a new friend to our class, Cami the Chameleon!

We talked about how Cami is colorful and how Cami and colorful both begin with the letter C. We reviewed why chameleons change colors and the concept of camouflage. Cami helped us review the letters A, G, and L and brought us a video featuring Eric Carle's The Mixed Up Chameleon.

After Circle Time, we headed to Movement where we took our conversation about camouflage and turned it into a laughter-filled game of Hide & Seek! Simple, childhood games are such great ways to reinforce learning. We've been counting to 30 during our Calendar Time, so whoever was "It" counted to 30 using their big voice. While hiding we reminded the students to camouflage, blend in!

Our first project of the week introduced a new art medium: gouache. Gouache paint is similar to watercolor, however modified to make it opaque. Gouache paints come in many colors and are usually mixed with water to achieve the desired working properties and to control the opacity when dry. Mrs. Debbie showed the students how to give their chameleon a bath and then pick up just a little gouache with the tip of their brush. After some instruction, they were ready to head to the art room to paint their own chameleon!

We continued our exploration of colors with a variety of color stations. At one table, our young artists got to blend and shade. At another station, students worked their fine motor skills stringing colorful cereal on to string. (This was a popular station! Who doesn't like an art project that you can eat!)

We also introduced marble painting. Students used spoons to cover their marbles in paint. The marbles were then placed into a box with paper taped to the bottom. The artists rocked their boxes back and forth, side to side creating a vibrant piece of art that shows incredible movement and energy!

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