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Smart Start Week 5: If you Give a Dog a Donut

After a week to rest and relax, it was a treat to be back in our classroom and studio to create, explore, and dig into the letter D! This week, our play invitations included a donut shop, dinosaur dough, doing the dishes, and dogs...lots and lots of dogs. We also enjoyed drawing, dancing, doodling, decorating, and designing. Who knew the letter D could be so. much. fun.

Week 5 Books:

If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff, Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley, and What Daddy Loves by Sue Kassirer

One particularly Delightful part of this week was welcoming two new friends to our class. Welcome, Drake and Charlotte! We are so happy to have you discovering along with us at Smart Start.


Some of you have asked about our plans now that Russell County schools have returned to virtual learning. We will continue our in-person classes. We opted to develop a preschool pod approach this year to avoid (we hope and pray) a scenario where we would be in-person and then not. It is our hope that by keeping our group small and spread across more days that we will be able to continue to meet in-person safely. Our Monday/Wednesday class has 8 students and our Tuesday/Thursday class has 7 students. We will not exceed 8 students in a class. We believe that is the safest way to keep meeting and keep learning in a way that works best for preschoolers.

We are deeply appreciative of your commitment to practicing healthy habits that will help to keep all of us safe as we head into cold and flu season. Thank you for setting such a great example (We see you wearing those masks when you come and go. High-five.) for everyone in our community. Thank you for being willing to make sure everyone in your family is healthy after you've traveled. Thank you for teaching your children how to be healthy and how to care for others. When they talk around our snacktime table, they share stories that relate just how well they are parented at home. That means so much to us as we all try to work together to create the best possible learning environment. Again, we deeply appreciate your kindness and care. We are blessed to serve your family.

See you tomorrow, friends!

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