• Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 5 - Friday

For the second time this year, our Question of the Day was "What do you think is in the bag?" This question is always fun and exciting. Some students try to work out the logical answer. We love that they stop and think about what we are learning and give an answer in that direction. Then there are the answers full of excitement and hope like "dinosaurs" and "diamonds"! Whether the answers are logical or whimsical, we love them all. They show each child's unique perspective and personality.

You may notice that some days our easel has a little extra writing on it. When a child asks for the marker so they can write something on the board, we say, "Absolutely!" These moments show that our young learners are making the connection between ideas and written language. We encourage every step towards writing. These contributions to our list are valuable and honored!

During Circle Time, Mrs. Debbie introduced the concept of pattern. She showed the students how their answers were in a pattern of green, orange, green, orange.

Next, it was time to discover what was in that bag! Before we looked, Mrs. Debbie let each child reach in and see if they could identify the mystery object by feel.

"Ew! It's wet!"

"Is it cheese?"