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Smart Start Week 4 - Wednesday

On Wednesday, we continued our exploration of leaves. Our "Question of the Day" was about a favorite fall tradition...jumping in a pile of leaves! We all agreed that there's nothing quite like jumping in a crunchy pile of autumn leaves.

Sometimes, Morning Play creates opportunities of its own. Wednesday was one of those days. The dinosaur bucket turned into singing "We Are the Dinosaurs" and talking about the dinosaurs' colors, shapes, and who has big teeth. Meanwhile, Elle demonstrated that she has a stellar memory! Ella and Hayes enjoyed drawing on the easel. We have a schedule and we have plans for the day, but we also make room for spontaneous learning and those times that our students are really enjoying a particular part of our day. These are the magical moments when what we put out for them to explore collides with their own interests and curiosity. This is where significant learning happens!

During Circle Time, we sang a new song about listening and reviewed the letters Aa, Gg, and Ll. We learned a finger play called "10 Little Leaves" that had us counting forward and backward! Movement was all about balance and concentration. Snack Time was another moment of spontaneous discovery. As we enjoyed our picnic, someone noticed that there was a lizard outside on the sidewalk. We talked about different types of lizards and settled on chameleons as the best kind of lizard to live at ArtWorks because they are so colorful! Mrs. Marisa grabbed her computer and we watched a video that showed how chameleons change color. We learned another big, fun, science word: camouflage!

In Atelier, we worked together on a collaborative leaf painting, we cut straws for what will become a fall chandelier, and we enjoyed more fizzy fall colors. We used red and yellow for our leaf painting. The children were thrilled to discover that mixing primary colors creates beautiful secondary colors!

We take every opportunity to encourage thoughtfulness and caring. While playing with the dinosaurs during Morning Play, Chance said he thought that the dinosaurs should have a bath. We made that a station during Atelier and it was so sweet! We talked about how we care for our toys and how we care for our animals. Our dinosaurs have never been so clean and we were reminded how childlike caring is a really beautiful thing.

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