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Smart Start Week 4 - Monday

Mornings, at Smart Start, are an opportunity to begin the day with wonder. We offer something different each morning for children to observe, experiment with, or explore. On Monday, it was a sunflower! We talked about seeds and petals and the students asked great questions like, "Can you eat it?"

During Circle Time, we asked the children what was new in our classroom.

"Leaves!" they shouted.

"That's right! This week will be all about leaves!"

We talked about how leaves change color in the fall. We watched a SciShow Kids video showing how those beautiful fall colors are inside the leaves all along and we learned a big, new, science word: chlorophyll!

After Circle Time, we got up and got moving. One of the best parts of Movement is when the children create their own games. What started as hula hooping turned into a new game: Hula Hoop Monster Tag! If you're it, you have to pretend to be a monster. If you're not it, find a hula hoop to stand in! That's the safe place! After all that running, we needed a drink and a snack!

Atelier was off the charts fun! We used baking soda and vinegar to create fizzy fall colors, created fall trees, and made leaf prints with play dough. This part of the day is a riot of smells, textures, colors, and experiences. We love watching the children move from station to station to explore and create.

More Atelier fun...

We ended the day with Story Time featuring the book Autumn's First Leaf by Steve Metzger. We love books! We are blessed to have so many in our Reading Room, but we don't always have just the right book for each day. We are tremendously thankful for the Russell County Public Library! They make sure we always have the perfect book to compliment each day's exploration!

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