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Smart Start Week 4: Get in Touch with Trees

Theme for the Week: Get in Touch with Trees

Letter of the Week: Bb

Objectives: Explore natural objects and materials. Learn about texture and feeling.

Vocabulary: bumpy, crunchy, hard, rough, sharp, smooth, soft, spongy, sticky, texture, touch, wet


On Monday, we begin by discussing how our bodies register and process feeling. We talked about nerve-endings and messages to the brain and let the students know that this week we would do a lot of learning using our sense of touch. Table Time featured drawing on paper that was rough.

Our students really "got in touch with trees" during Circle Time. Each student got to touch and smell branches, leaves, stems, flowers, and fruit. We compared summer leaves and autumn leaves and talked about how the changing of seasons causes our neighborhood trees to look, sound, and smell different.

Center Time was another sensory experience. Our shaving cream felt soft, smooth, fluffy, and wet!

Monday's Book: The Berenstain Bears B Book by Stan and Jan Berenstain.


Wednesday was a really special day! We welcomed the Lindsey Wilson Players to Smart Start for a day full of dramatic play. Wednesday was LWC's annual Malvina Farkle Day. This is a special day set aside for community service and giving back. We are so glad that the Lindsey Wilson Players decided to give their time to our young artists! We played "Pass the Energy", "Machine", and "Statues". Each game required lots of concentration, focus, and creativity and our students were OUTSTANDING!

Wednesday's Book: Tree by Britta Teckentrup


On Friday, we continued our study of trees and added to our every growing vocabulary! We also spent time working on our letter sounds. We reviewed A and B and practiced using them to build blends. There are several eager readers in this bunch!

Beautiful B Butterflies decorated with Browns, Blues, and Blacks. All those beautiful B's!

Friday's Book: I Can Name 50 Trees Today! by Bonnie Worth

Friday Centers:

Check out this week's videos here!

See you next week!

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