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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 4 - Friday

Friday morning was rainy and gloomy and we decided to make that the jumping off place for our Circle Time conversation. We asked each student to tell us something about the weather. They not only expressed what they experienced, they also told us exactly how they felt about it! We discovered that some of us like rainy days and others definitely do not!

Marian was our leader on Friday. The "Leader of the Day" gets to fill in our Weather Chart and leads Calendar Time. Each day, we count as we fill in the numbers on our calendar. Marian is a great counter and did a great job leading the class! After Circle Time, we enjoyed some Friday Free Play during movement. We climbed, bounced, ran, tumbled, and enjoyed swinging on the silks.

During the week, we make quite a mess on our art room tables. We love that the tables tell the story of our week. Paint, crayon, markers, and more! On Friday, we let our exploration do double duty. We covered the tables in shaving cream and let our imaginations go! We frosted cakes, built snow men, and played in sand. We used the shaving cream to write names and review letters. We worked those fingers squeezing the foam out of each can. The best part is that all this play left our tables and chairs clean and fresh!

Three cheers for functional fun! We are excited that we will have a fresh, clean space waiting for us on Monday! Thanks for another great week, Smart Start families!

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