• Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 3 - Wednesday

Wednesday was all about yellow! Our question of the day was "Do you like the taste of lemons?" We begin most days with a question as a way to help introduce students to the concepts of letter formation, sentence construction, graphing, note-taking, and more! The question of the day is a way for children to feel valued and heard. We revisit our question and answers during Circle Time which gives students a chance to say more about their answer as they share their unique thoughts and experiences.

During Movement we practiced listening by playing "Red Light, Green Light". We transformed the Big Studio into a race track and played a game that had students listening for red, green, and yellow. They had to listen and follow the rules of the road to stay in the game!

In Atelier, our students went CORN CRAZY! Mrs. Debbie brought in a HUGE bucket of corn and the children loved scooping, measuring, pouring, and playing in it. They found that the corn made fantastic sounds when poured into the aluminum pans. We made slow motion videos and watche