• Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 3: Sounds All Around

It's been a week full of listening, learning, creating, and exploring! This week, we learned about the science of sound. Students enjoyed exploring the sounds of nature and imitating those sounds using voices and instruments made in class.


  • Drawing to Music: Draw what you hear.

  • Book: The Very Quiet Cricket

  • Phonics: The Letter A

  • Sign Language: Letter A

  • Craft: Making our own kazoos.

  • Creative Movement: Letter A Rhyme and Movement

  • New Center: Listening Center


  • Watercolor Bird Painting

  • Conversation: Neighborhood Sounds

  • Sound Scavenger Hunt and Popsicles on the Playground

  • Learning about traveling safely.

  • Sound Experiment: Vibration (Rubberband cans and ukulele)


  • Drum Painting

  • Singing our "A" sounds

  • Art: Watercolor Birds

  • Music: Singing Scales

Find this week's videos here.

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