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Smart Start Week 3 - Friday

On our last day of Apple Week, we explored the color red. We began the day with Morning Play. We introduced something new this morning, the Marble Run. Our students enjoyed working together to assemble various runs and watching each marble find its way to the bottom.

During Circle Time we got groovy with a song all about the color red. We talked about things we know and love that are red like strawberries and cherries. We talked about how the color red makes us think of love, heat, and sometimes even anger. During our Movement class, we put on a show! Mrs. Marisa read the story of "Little Red Riding Hood" while our students acted out the parts or enjoyed the show as a part of the audience.

We saved our question of the day for Snack Time. During snack, we tasted green, yellow, and red and asked, "What color do you like best." Everyone like something different! We had students who loved the sweet strawberries and others who thought they tasted sour. We had fans of the tart green apples and others who preferred the sweet yellow apples. We all liked watching the reactions to the lemons!

Atelier featured sensory bins, play dough, and a collage table. While students explored, we asked "What can you do?"

Marian: "I can do hair."

Hayes: "I can drive the tractor on the farm."

Layla: "I can make a ball out of play dough."

Elle: "I can cut and glue and write my name."

Ella: "I can scoop the rice."

Hank: "I can pour the corn and share."

We ended the day in dramatic fashion! We dressed up with masks and costumes and pretended to be everything from the Three Little Pigs to superheroes and soldiers. Imaginative Play is one of the best ways to develop language and creativity. Children tell stories and express themselves in the most amazing ways during this time. Not to mention, it is just plain fun! Three cheers for another great week at Smart Start!

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