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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start Week 17: Tiny Seeds

Spring is here and it's time to start planting!

Week 17

Theme: Planting Seeds

Letters of the Week: T & U

Books: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and Oh Say Can You Say by Dr. Seuss

Play Invitations: Letter Tracing, Trains, Alphabet Soup, Tents

Creative Movement & Music: Brain Dance, Alphabet Movers, Seed Dance, Tap, Ukulele, Major/Minor chords

Visual Art: Watercolor letters, Drippy Rain Painting, Design an Umbrella, Easter Egg Abstracts

Discovery Center: Seed planting, Parts of a Flower, cutting, Easter Egg stacking challenge

This week was all about the miracle inside each and every tiny seed. We learned the recipe for a flower and then got our hands dirty planting seeds that will soon populate our very own pollinator garden. Students learned the parts of a flower and discovered that we can eat every part of a plant! We read about seeds, we tasted seeds, we even danced like seeds.

To support our letter learning, our play invitations were all about the letters t and u. We camped out in tents, listened to the sounds of a ukulele, watched Gene Kelly dance with an umbrella, and even tried some tap dancing ourselves. As we are approaching the end of the year, we also spent time engaging with all the letters in the alphabet. This week, that meant playing "Alphabet Soup" where students look for the hidden letters in big bins of rice and then find the matching letter on the board. We also used watercolor to paint each letter of the alphabet using qTips.

This week's visual arts lessons reflected spring rain and Easter. We used watery paint to create drippy rain paintings and plastic Easter eggs to create some gorgeous abstract pieces. The drippy rain paintings went home with you. The abstracts are in process and will come home soon!

We had a terrific week with a capital T!

I want to say a special thank you to my dear friend, Leah Anderson who gave up four mornings of her own Spring Break to come and help out this week at Smart Start.

Ms. Leah teaches 2nd grade in Casey County. She has been a part of our ArtWorks family for several years and was so generous with her time and talent this week. Ms. Jess and I are so grateful for the amazing artists and educators in our ArtWorks community who continue to support us as we finish up this year without Ms. Debbie.

Ms. Jess and I wish you a HAPPY EASTER and a spectacular SPRING BREAK! We will see you next Monday, April 12th. It will be so exciting to see if our seeds have sprouted while we were away!

With love,

Ms. Marisa

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