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  • Marisa Ramsey

Smart Start: February 2022

February was a sweet month at Smart Start! Our letters for the month were R, K, V, and M. We wrote stories, found tangible ways to be kind, built robots, and so much more!

February Week One:

Animal Rescue, Restuarant, Robots, Rice, Railroads, Rainbow Fish, Roses, Rock and Roll, Reflection, Retelling a Story

February Week Two:

Kindness, Kitchen, Kadinsky, Keyboards, Rice Krispies, Buckets of Kindness, Spread Kindness, Not Germs

February Week Three:

Valentines, Van Gogh, Vehicles, Poems, Heart cutting, Valentine boxes, Conversation Heart experiments, PARTIES!

February Week Four:

Michelangelo, Marble Run, Marble Painting, Museum, Mailboxes, Mimes, Machines, Mosaics, Marshmallow Engineering, Magnets, Magnifying, Monster Munchies, Macaroni

Week after week we are astounded by these students. They are creative, kind, and growing in so many spectacular ways. As we move into spring, we are full of excitement and eager to see what adventures await!

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