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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 5

Wet, Dry, Try

This week, our name-writing practice was very deliberate and highly concentrated. Students watched as a teacher demonstrated, then used a wet sponge to follow the same path to erase. Then the student followed the path again with chalk and then once more with the wet sponge to erase. Working one letter at a time and working one-on-one, students got some really great handwriting practice in at the start of each day!

Play and Learning Invitation Centers:

  • Magnet Blocks

  • Magnetiles

  • Play-doh

  • Home Center with apple pie-making supplies

  • Horses & Stable

This week, students tried chalk pastels for the first time on some autumn trees.

Science and math were apple-themed this week. Students tasted three varieties of apples and chose their favorite. We made a graph to chart our findings. After tasting and graphing, students predicted whether each variety of apples would sink or float.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Marley's GiGi (Ms. Junetta) for donating a BIG, beautiful bunch of freshly-picked apples for this week's lessons. There's an added layer of goodness when we are able to weave our student's families and homes into our learning. That is a really important connection and we are so thankful for your generosity this week!

Apple Printing

More printing. This time with shapes we're learning. We loved how these pieces looked so much like something Alma Thomas would make! These little artists will meet Alma during letter T week.

In the Wiggle Room, Ms. Cheryl led our young dancers through two movement exercises that helped us to remember the states of matter. Our dancing scientists had a great time!

The Art Center was a popular spot this week. Students were free to come and go from this station this week and create whatever they wanted using paint sticks. This invitation was so beautiful and full of joy and self-expression. They painted landscapes, rainbows, abstracts, and even an imaginary friend or two!

We learned a little about underground animals this week so of course we had to give the subterranean life a try!

Fall Break was fun, but what a joy to be back in our classroom!

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