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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 4

Happy Letter H Week!

Oh, what a happy, hilarious, honey of a week!

This week we said, "Hello, Fall!", started learning about habitats, and used our hands as tools. We played with horses and pretended to be stylists in a hair salon. We met artist Henri Matisse and made our first mixed media pieces of the year and, as always, we read lots of books that made us think and made us laugh!

We began thinking about states of matter and explored how heat changes things. On Monday, we experimented with water and discovered how increasing and decreasing temperature causes water to change from a solid into a liquid and from a liquid into a gas and back again! On Tuesday, we applied what we learned about heat as we mixed up cookies and biscuits and watched what happened to the batter when it was heated in the oven.

On Wednesday, science looked a little different as we learned about germs and how it's really important to wash our hands thoroughly to ensure we stay healthy and happy!

On Thursday, we had a special guest and our Smart Start students made their first trip upstairs to the big art studio! Christina Brezendine of Oopsie Daisy Floral Design stopped by to help us create some adorable succulent-topped mini pumpkins. We learned so much about succulents and what makes them special. Our students got to use some new tools in a new space and they were phenomenal!

If you are interested in making a full-size version, we are offering a Succulent Pumpkin Workshop with Christina on Saturday, October 21st at 2 p.m.! For more information and to register, visit

We rounded out week 4 with a brief study of Holland, painting tulip fields, puzzles, games, and celebrating a special birthday with some delicious, homemade cupcakes. A happy week, indeed!

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