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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 30

Everything is coming up RAINBOWS!

The theme for this week was color. Color EVERYWHERE! We painted, built, moved, listened, danced, drew, and designed in lots of vibrant color this week. We learned how rainbows are formed, we met animals who have rainbow skin, and we even ATE the rainbow.

We've been learning about theatre arts for the last couple of weeks. Our students are learning about performing as they get ready to perform two things for our Smart Start Celebration on Friday, May 17th. To give them some encouragement, our teachers acted out one of our favorite books this week to show them that performing can be fun. We had a blast bringing The Day the Crayons Quit to life.

Those crayons in the story were ready to quit by the end of the school year, but we aren't! We are headed into the last two weeks of school excited about what's still in store and ready to celebrate a year of learning and growing together.

This week was our first week of Kindergarten Preview. Here's a look at what our rising kindergarteners experienced in their extended day program!

At Kindergarten Preview, we are practicing the new experiences, routines, and rhythms our students will encounter in the fall when they head off to kindergarten. We're learning about classroom dynamics, and expectations, and practicing those critical skills that will set our students up to confidently walk into their new schools.

Students are also trying out some of the classes ArtWorks has to offer for students who are in kindergarten and older like dance, visual art in the big art studio, and aerial silk!

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