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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 3

Letter L Week!

We are three weeks into a new year and everyone is settling into your classroom family. This week was full of growing friendships which is so sweet to watch. We explored the concept of lines in art, in movement, and in letter and shape formation. We painted lines, we moved in lines, and we drew lines. We learned that lines can be straight, curvy, zig-zag, wavy, dotted, dashed, or spiral.

We enjoyed making leaf prints, painting ladybug rocks, and water coloring fall leaves.

Our inspiration artist was Leonardo da Vinci. We talked about frescos and how they are created by painting on wet clay. Our young artists really enjoyed their first project with clay!

In the Wiggle Room, we played with light and shadow.

This video shows some of our dancers interacting with the light. Everyone moved beautifully. Layton was particularly adept at connecting with his shadow and playing with his speed, levels, and proximity to the light. This was such a lovely moment. It was like watching Peter Pan!

We rounded out the week with Lego engineering, lacing, journaling about where we live, and of course lots of reading! Every invitation, whether a game, a building challenge, or an imaginative challenge is an opportunity for us to reinforce the week's phonics, numeracy, science, and cultural concepts. Play truly is the work of children and this crew put in some work this week!

The year already feels like it's going by in a flash. On Thursday, we said, "Later, Summer!" with some time outside listening to our neighborhood while enjoying some lemonade. On Monday, we will say, "Hello, Fall!" as we move into week 4 and a brand new season!

Going Outside to Listen

A Collaborative Poem

We are sitting outside.

Summer is sailing away.

There's some lemonade in my cup.

What does the outside have to say?

"I hear a car."

"I hear birds."

"I hear a truck! That's a big truck!"

"I hear crickets."

"They are rubbing their legs together like this."

"I hear cars."

"I hear birds and an insect."

"I hear a truck."

"I hear ants."

"I don't."

"I hear our neighbor."

"I hear gulping."

"I hear a slurp."

"I hear a birdie. I love birdies."

"I hear a sigh."

"I hear a burp."

"Friends are laughing."

"A bee is buzzing."

"I hear a banging sound."

"I hear nothing."

"I hear something...a car coming."

"I hear 'bang, bang, bang'. I think someone is working."

"What is that?"


"It stopped."

"I think it's a band in Jamestown, Kentucky!"

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