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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 29

It's hard to believe that it's already the end of April, but here we are. We began this week with a celebration of our wonderful world. Earth Day included water clean-up explorations, playing "Earth Ball", and Dirt Pudding!

This week was our last week to have a "Letter of the Week". Our letter Y learning included:

  • Yarn Art

  • Yum/Yuck Taste-testing and charting

  • Yes, and! Learning about improvisation and comedy

  • Gravity Study

    • Egg Drop: Planning, Engineering, Experimentation, and Documentation

    • Trust Falls: Thinking like our eggs

    • Roller Coaster Marble Run

    • Velcro Wall Marble Run

    • Magnetiles Ramps

    • Water Balloon Yo-Yo

  • Science:

    • Watching our tadpoles grow!

    • Watching our caterpillars. This week they are eating and still moving around on the bottom of their enclosure.

We've had the best time learning about gravity this week. Our Smart Start engineers had some terrific ideas for how to protect our dropped eggs when gravity took over once dropped.

We put several of their ideas to the test and they were quite successful!

Whether they were designing marble runs or thinking about ways to protect fragile eggs, this week our students engaged in LOADS of problem-solving and did lots of work collaboratively and the outcomes were a beautiful reinforcement of the concepts we presented and discussed.

We like to balance our active play and collaborative work with invitations that provide something a little more quiet and reflective. We always offer spaces where students can create independently. This week, we asked students to listen to Cello Suites by Yo-Yo Ma and then draw what they felt the music looks like. It was sublime watching them absorb the music, think about it, and then connect sound with color and movement on the page!

There were so many different interpretations. Some were full of color and others monochromatic, but saturated and moving. Below is Trinity's visual representation of Prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach played by Yo-Yo Ma. She spent a while just listening before carefully choosing colors and adding them to her page. What a beautiful expression of music in color!

We got up to so much fun this week. Here's a laugh to kick off your weekend! We learned this week that the number one rule of improv is "Yes, and!" No matter what your scene partner gives you, your answer is yes and then you add to the story. Here's a look at just a few of our actors!

Ask any actor and they will tell you that improv is hard! We were so proud of this bunch and their courage and creativity on stage!

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