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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 25

Welcome Spring!

This week marked the first day of spring and right on cue, our tulips are blooming! Our students planted these beauties back in the fall. We learned about bulb planting and talked about how gardeners have to be very patient. We explained how we would tuck our tulip bulbs in the soil and then we would wait and once we had celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Valentine's Day, we would see our tulips begin to break through. What a joy it was this week as we celebrated the first day of spring to see our tulips open and full of color and life!

Our Letter of the week was the letter N. Learning and play invitations included:

  • Designing necklaces

  • Noodle necklaces

  • Writing names

  • Color by Number

  • Paper Mache Birds Nests

  • Building/Numbering

  • Watercolor inspired by artist Andrea Nelson

In the Wiggle Room, we used pool noodles to create an obstacle course that challenged our students to move with dexterity, speed, flexibility, and sometimes as a team.

The Wiggle Room isn't the only time and place where we get our bodies in on the learning action. We incorporate movement into everything! Kids are made to move and those brain-body connections are important. So, sometimes letter review and reading looks like this!

We love exploring with all of our senses. This week, we were once again testing our taste buds. After reading Oodles and Oodles of Noodley Noodles, we taste-tested some noodles to see if we could identify the different flavors. This was much more difficult than last week's Kool-Aid Apples. The flavors were much more similar and had us thinking, tasting, and thinking again.

This time of year is so exciting. We are seeing so much growth in our students academically and socially. We work hard each week to cultivate curiosity, creativity, and kindness and this many weeks in our students are flourishing! We are always on the lookout for those who are growing and we take time each day to recognize those important steps. Here's a look at some of our Closing Carpet/Brag Beads moments from this week.

Brag beads are a way for us to tangibly honor the important steps our students are taking as they get ready for Kindergarten. As we get closer to the end of the school year, their jars are filling up with beads. On Friday, May 17th we will hold our annual Smart Start Celebration. One of the highlights of these year-end events is the moment students receive their necklaces full of the beads they collected throughout the year. Be sure to mark that date on your calendar and make plans to join us as we celebrate our students and all they've learned this year!

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