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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 23

Read Across America Week!

Oh, the things we read, played, explored, and experimented with this week! Read Across America is a celebration of reading, particularly of Dr. Seuss. This week was one big celebration of words from wearing words on our shirts to cozying up with our favorite books!

One of our favorite parts of Dr. Seuss week is having guest readers bring Dr. Seuss's stories to life. Thank you to all of our guest readers!

The Seuss fun also found it's way into the Wiggle Room. We learned about rhythm and rhyme and RAP! We danced and grooved to Mr. Brown Can Moo and Fox in Socks!

This week was also the beginning of March which means we are turning the corner from winter and headed into the sunny warmth of spring. Rainbows were everywhere in our classroom this week. We painted watercolor rainbows and talked about how those ROYGBIV colors sit side-by-side on the color wheel. We read about a rainbow fish and used celery to create our own. We experimented with absorption and used paper towels and water with dye to watch as primary colors mixed to create secondary colors. We also learned about how substances dissolve. Using Skittles and water, we watched the candy coating dissolve to create a candy rainbow.

Beyond books and rainbows, Letter R week featured a restaurant, marble runs, recycled art, and robots! We played with rubberbands on geoboards, stacked rocks, scooped and poured rice, and (BIG FUN) rescued animals trapped in ice. We dressed in hats, as superheroes, and came to school cozy all in a celebration of reading and learning!

It's technically still winter, but the conversation at Circle Time on Tuesday was about summer. Maybe it was the sunshine and seventy-degree weather. One of our students shared that they were going to be taking swim lessons which led to a conversation about why it's important to learn to swim. Not only will learning to swim keep you safe around the water, but it's also fun! We shared what we enjoy about swimming and we discovered that most of our students had never played Marco Polo. After Ms. Jessie's lesson about rhythm, she and Mr. Cade taught everyone how to play the dry land version and it was so much fun!

See you next week!

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