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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 20

V is for a VERY Happy Valentine's Week!

This week we talked a lot about love. We talked about the people we love and those who love us. We thought about ways to show love and discussed how love is expressed through kindness, caring, and sharing. We made Valentine's for classmates, family, and friends and used those cards as a springboard to talk about the mail and how things get from one person to another. We learned about the post office, mail carriers, addresses, and more! Each day we created Valentines, labeled them, placed them in the classroom mailbox, and then waited for Mr. McFeely the mail carrier to arrive!

This week's play invitations included vehicles. While we had trains, cars, and trucks to play with, an imaginary bus saw the most action this week. On Monday, several students used chairs, a table, and a steering wheel to create a big bus to hold most of the class. On their imaginary bus, our students took trips to the beach, Disney World, the mountains, and anywhere else their minds wanted to go! These moments of imaginative play are so important. While they play, children are storytelling, world-building, and working together. They work their bodies carrying chairs and work their minds as they negotiate how, where, and what to build. These moments are so magical!

Other learning and play experiences this week:

  • Reading! We are reading one-vowel words!

  • Building with tiny connector blocks. These blocks provide a real challenge for those developing fingers and hands. A perfect way to encourage creativity and ingenuity while building strength for handwriting success!

  • VanGogh collaborative sunflower watercolor painting.

  • VanGogh Starry night mosaic.

  • Our tulips are blooming! We checked our pots outside and found something exciting this week!

  • We worked together to paint a Happy Valentine's Day banner and hand-painted and stamped cards for the residents at Fair Oaks. Ms. Jacquita, Ms. Aubrey, and Layton delivered the banner and cards on Wednesday. We hope the cards and banner helped to spread some love to the Fair Oaks community on Valentine's Day.

In the Wiggle Room, we danced to All You Need is Love by The Beatles and L-O-V-E by Frank Sinatra. We used our voices to match notes on the piano. We also learned how to play volleyball!

This week's science experiments included a Valentine's Day-themed round of "Sink or Float" and learning about volcanoes.

Thank you for all of the sweet expressions of love that you sent this week! Our parties on Tuesday and Wednesday were extra sweet. Everyone left with full treat bags, full mailboxes, and full hearts this week.

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