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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 17

Quick games, quiet corners, queens, and quests...It must be Letter Q Week!

After a surprise week at home due to snow and frigid temperatures, we were all so happy to be back in the classroom this week. Thank you for sending in pictures and videos of your snow day adventures. We shared them during morning carpet time and it was a hoot to hear all those stories about sledding, snowball fights, and snow cream!

Our letter of the week was Q and our learning and play invitations included:

  • Q-tip painting (pointillism)

  • The Queen's Quarters (dress-up, story-telling, and imaginative play)

  • Quick Games: Jacks and Perfection

  • Quiet Corner

  • Writing with quills

In the Wiggle Room, Ms. Jessie had us using our imaginations. We imagined our floor was transformed into ice and on Tuesday and Wednesday we went skating! We sped, raced, twirled, and even did some skating with partners.

On Thursday, we put our imaginary skates back on. This time we played hockey and it was an absolute BLAST!

This week's other invitations included our sensory bin where students used their muscles and minds. The challenge was to soak up the water with sponges and then squeeze the water out to move it from container to container.

We also experimented with color mixing using color blocks on the light table.

An exciting addition to the classroom this week was the Creation Station. Students can take any supplies they choose from this station and use those supplies to make whatever they dream up!

We rounded out the week with games and building, reading, and lots of fun playing with friends!

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