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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 16

Each week is a good week at Smart Start. We enjoy every day we get to learn and play in our classroom. However, there was just something extra special in the air this week. It was one of those weeks where everything just clicked. Learning concepts are starting to take hold and we find so much joy each time we are together as our students grow more comfortable in their environment and more confident in their skills. This week, we watched them take initiative in so many ways. Whether it was asking for particular tools for an art project they had in mind or engineering something to use for dramatic play, our Smart Starters have become confidently curious and splendidly creative and do it all with incredible kindness toward themselves and others. That's magical!

This week's learning and play invitations jumped off of the letter J. Here's a look at what happened in our classroom this week:

Jumping & Jiving! In the Wiggle Room, Ms. Cheryl taught the Jive and Ms. Jessie had everyone jumping high, jumping long, and jumping rope.


One of our books this week was Giant Jam Sandwich a story about a town that was in a major JAM. After hearing (and laughing at) that story, we got a call from the mayor of the town! The mayor asked our students to help the citizens of Itching Down come up with a solution to a new problem: 3 million mosquitoes! In their journals, students illustrated their solutions. Some suggested making another giant jam sandwich like in the book. Others came up with some alternative ideas. Things like, a giant rainbow that worked like a colorful bug zapper, a giant spider web that could catch all the mosquitoes, or a hundred million tarantulas to eat all of the mosquitoes. That last suggestion led to a conversation about how sometimes when we try to solve one problem we inadvertently create new ones! Hahaha!

Making PB & J sandwiches.

We love incorporating practical life skills into our daily instruction. This week, we practiced making PB & J sandwiches. Learning to use kitchen tools, prepare food, and clean up are important skills and this group excelled!

Other invitations and activities this week:

Cutting snowflakes

Beaded snowflakes

Jumbo Snakes & Ladders

Tinker Toy Engineering

Quiet Snowy Reading Corner

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Jumbo Blocks

Jigsaw Puzzles

Letter & Number Review

Name Writing

Snowflake Printing

Jackson Pollock painting

Light Table Shape Review

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