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Smart Start 2023-2024: Week 13

Christmas is in the air and this week was full of all that magic and cheer!

This week students made Christmas ornaments out of beads, baked and decorated Christmas cookies, and created Christmas tree sculptures. We read books about Christmas, decorated magnetic trees, and enjoyed lots of Christmas coloring. Cup stacking was a HUGE hit. We made castles, towers, and all sorts of structures that were a challenge to build and a thrill to knock down. We danced, laughed, learned, played, and sang!

Here's a look at some "Reindeer Games" in the Wiggle Room!

A look at this week's play and learning invitations.

Our Christmas-inspired science this week involved making predictions about what happens when you put a gingerbread cookie in water. Students predicted that the cookie would melt, get mushy, and break into pieces. They were surprised to see that it expanded which made for a great lesson about absorption.

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