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Smart Start 2022/2023: Weeks 19 & 20

Happy Sunday, Smart Start families!

Each week, these blog posts are a way for you to see what our students are learning and interacting with and our hope is that you can use these photos and videos as a springboard for conversation with your little learner. Our goal at Smart Start is to provoke curiosity, imagination, and wonder and we hope that you are seeing and hearing the ripple effects of that at home. The blog and weekly "Peek at the Week" graphics are tools to extend learning to our students' immediate learning environment (home) and their primary teachers (you!). We encourage you to look at the photos and videos with your child and ask what they are learning, what was fun, what was exciting, and which things make them curious. Lean into those things at home and watch your child's love of learning take flight!

Over the last two weeks (thanks to some unexpected interruptions) we've been exploring the letter M, mixing, math, magnets, memory, manners, making music, muscles, movement, and make-believe. The art of people like Jim Dine has inspired us and we've listened to Mozart and the mandolin. We experimented with soda and Mentos and watched in delight as that mixture reacted in a big way. We've enjoyed monster pops while learning about how the temperature inside our mouths causes ice to melt.

We hope you enjoy this week's photos and videos!

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