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2022/2023: Week 5

Welcome back!

When we return from a long break, we like to back up and review. A week or more is a long time, so we spent Week 5 revisiting concepts and favorite invitations and explorations from the first quarter. Here's some of what we got into this week:

This week:

  • Shared our Fall Break adventures

  • Watercolor Autumn Leaves

  • Harvest Rainbow poem

  • Reviewed F, E, L

  • Practiced writing names and Ff, Ee, Ll

  • Read Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, Let It Fall, and Are You Ready for Fall

  • Light table letters, shapes, and color practice

  • Paint stamping letters

  • Fall nature exploration in the Science Center

  • Outdoor games on the porch

  • Einstein blocks

  • Stretching

  • "What's Missing" observation challenge

  • Continued work on a yearlong painting project

  • Shape weaving

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