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Smart Start 2022/2023: Week 31

Busting at the seams. That's how this week felt. Week 31 was full of activity as we worked to wrap up art pieces for our year-end gallery and polish our performances that the students will share on May 12th. We brought back loads of classroom favorites like trains, superheroes, orbies, and more which meant the room was buzzing with joy and laughter as our students played and enjoyed being together. This week's goal was to review and celebrate how far we've come. Here's a look at Week 31:

One of our favorite drama activities is retelling classic stories. Students learn about the three ingredients that make a story: characters, setting, and plot. Then, after hearing a familiar story, they create their own version and perform it for their friends. This group heard the story of the Three Little Pigs. Here is their spin on this classic tale:

This group read Jack and the Beanstalk. They decided to flip the script. Check out their version of this familiar story:

Building is a center-time option every day at Smart Start. Students always have a variety of materials and they create everything from castles and skyscrapers to rocket ships. This week, Silas built a mountain and we used a camera to see what it looked like from the inside.

Several of our students stayed for our Extended Day program in preparation for moving to Kindergarten this fall. Students got a preview of how their spaces and routines will change when they move to elementary school. We talked about how the building will be different and practiced moving from place to place. We talked about how there will be lots of new friends to meet and new teachers and other adults as well. Our rising kindergarteners got a sneak peek of classroom routines and practiced lots of transitions and procedures that they will experience beginning in August. They also got to try out the afternoon classes for elementary students that we offer at ArtWorks!

Creative Movement in the ArtWorks Dance Studio with Ms. Cheryl

Ms. Leah even dressed up as Ms. Blanderson so students could practice meeting a new teacher!

It's hard to believe that we are headed into the last week of this school year. As we look forward to next week and our year-end celebration, our hearts are full and we are so proud of this amazing group of learners!

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