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Smart Start 2022/2023: Week 25

Letter Q Week!

Quick, quiet, quests, quilts, queens, quills, quarters, and quite a lot more! This week we tried out some new materials and put our skills to the test with games and activities that required quick movements and quick thinking. We played with things that were quiet and used our imaginations to pretend to be queens in a castle and knights on a quest.

The Science Center was humming with excitement as students checked on our chicks. Ms. Skyla was back this week to candle the eggs and share with our students what's happening inside the incubators.

Shape review had us moving quickly and waiting anxiously for that Perfection POP!

Our teachers brought in some of their quilts from home to show how quilting can incorporate different colors, patterns, shapes, and pictures. Students worked collaboratively on a "Classroom Quilt". Each student got their own square to paint however they chose. We love when they have really specific ideas and inspirations like this sweet artist who wanted to mix colors to get just the right shade of teal!

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